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Advanced Form

The following example is an advanced recruitment form for a pet store with validation for user input. If you would like a simpler example, you may refer to the Basic Form.

Live Editor
const MyChatBot = () => {
	const [form, setForm] = React.useState({});
	const formStyle = {
		marginTop: 10,
		marginLeft: 20,
		border: "1px solid #491d8d",
		padding: 10,
		borderRadius: 5,
		maxWidth: 300

	const flow={
		start: {
			message: "Hello there! What is your name?",
			function: (params) => setForm({...form, name: params.userInput}),
			path: "ask_age"
		ask_age: {
			message: (params) => `Nice to meet you ${params.userInput}, what is your age?`,
			function: (params) => setForm({...form, age: params.userInput}),
			path: async (params) => {
				if (isNaN(Number(params.userInput))) {
					await params.injectMessage("Age needs to be a number!");
				return "ask_pet";
		ask_pet: {
			message: "Do you own any pets?",
			options: ["Yes", "No"],
			chatDisabled: true,
			function: (params) => setForm({...form, pet_ownership: params.userInput}),
			path: "ask_choice"
		ask_choice: {
			message: "Select at least 2 and at most 4 pets that you are comfortable to work with:",
			checkboxes: {items: ["Dog", "Cat", "Rabbit", "Hamster", "Bird"], min: 2, max: 4},
			chatDisabled: true,
			function: (params) => setForm({...form, pet_choices: params.userInput}),
			path: "ask_work_days"
		ask_work_days: {
			message: "How many days can you work per week?",
			function: (params) => setForm({...form, num_work_days: params.userInput}),
			path: async (params) => {
				if (isNaN(Number(params.userInput))) {
					await params.injectMessage("Number of work day(s) need to be a number!");
				return "end";
		end: {
			message: "Thank you for your interest, we will get back to you shortly!",
			render: (
				<div style={formStyle}>
					<p>Name: {}</p>
					<p>Age: {form.age}</p>
					<p>Pet Ownership: {form.pet_ownership}</p>
					<p>Pet Choices: {form.pet_choices}</p>
					<p>Num Work Days: {form.num_work_days}</p>
			options: ["New Application"],
			chatDisabled: true,
			path: "start"
	return (
		<ChatBot options={{theme: {embedded: true}, chatHistory: {storageKey: "example_advanced_form"}}} flow={flow}/>