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Custom Messages

The following is an example for the MessagesContext, which allows you to modify messages from outside the chatbot using your own application's logic. Note that this is an advance feature and is thus slightly more involved in setup.


When you are working with useCustomMessages, you are modifying the messages array directly and as a result, audio and stream features will not work on such messages. You may refer to this GitHub Issue for more information.

Live Editor
const MyChatBot = () => {
	// setup your own messages state 
	const [messages, setMessages] = React.useState([]);

	// example clear messages (while keeping system message)
	// note: system message refers to the load history button
	const clearMessages = () => {
		setMessages(prev => prev.filter(msg => msg.sender === "system"));

	// example insert messages
	const insertMessage = () => {
		setMessages(prev => {
			const newMessage = {
				content: "Hello I am new!",
				sender: "bot",
				type: "string",
			return [...prev, newMessage]

	// example options
	const options = {
		theme: {
			embedded: true
		chatHistory: {
			storageKey: "example_custom_messages"
		// remember to enable custom messages under the advance section
		advance: {
			useCustomMessages: true

	// example flow
	const flow = {
		start: {
			message: "Hello there! I am a demo for custom messages!",
			chatDisabled: true

	return (
			<Button onClick={clearMessages} text="Click me to clear messages!"/>
			<Button onClick={insertMessage} text="Click me to add a message!"/>
			{/* Import MessagesContext and wrap as Provider around the chatbot */}
			<MessagesContext.Provider value={{messages: messages, setMessages: setMessages}}>
				<ChatBot options={options} flow={flow}/>

// button to test above feature
const buttonStyle = {
	backgroundColor: '#ff0000',
	color: 'white',
	border: 'none',
	padding: '10px 20px',
	textAlign: 'center',
	textDecoration: 'none',
	display: 'inline-block',
	fontSize: '16px',
	borderRadius: '5px',
	cursor: 'pointer',
	transition: 'background-color 0.2s',
	margin: 10,
const Button = (props) => {
	return (
		<button onClick={props.onClick} style={buttonStyle}>{props.text}</button>