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Simulated Stream

The following is an example of a bot simulating stream messages. In the era of LLMs, streaming messages have become commonplace and while real-time streaming brings value in terms of speed of data transfer, simulating streams can also be aesthetically pleasing. Recognizing that need, the library comes built in with the simStream option to simulate streaming messages. If you wish to integrate with real-time streaming, look here instead.

Live Editor
const MyChatBot = () => {
	const flow={
		start: {
			message: "Hey! Look at my messages stream in, pretty cool isn't it?",
			path: "thank"
		thank: {
			message: async (params) => {
				await params.injectMessage("I am an injected message!");
				return "I am a return message!";
			path: "start"
	return (
		<ChatBot options={{theme: {embedded: true}, chatHistory: {storageKey: "example_simulation_stream"}, botBubble: {simStream: true}}} flow={flow}/>