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Smart Conversation

The following is an example of a conversation meant to showcase the possibility of the bot leveraging on backend services to make replies within a loop. Due to resource limitations, I am leveraging on a public API that may not always be available. Nonetheless, I hope that the example is clear and simple enough to assist in your understanding of how conversations can be integrated with backend services.


A slightly more advanced example involving stream responses from LLM models can be found here.

Live Editor
const MyChatBot = () => {
	async function fetchData() {
		try {
			const response = await fetch('')
			const data = await response.json();
			return data.title;
		} catch (error) {
			return "Oh no I don't know what to say!";
	let count = 0;
	const flow={
		start: {
			message: "Hey! I call an API!",
			path: "loop"
		loop: {
			message: async (params) => {
				const result = await fetchData();
				return result;
			path: "loop",
	return (
		<ChatBot options={{theme: {embedded: true}, chatHistory: {storageKey: "example_smart_conversation"}}} flow={flow}/>