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Looking to get started 😊? The process of setting up the chatbot only involves 3 simple steps, making it incredibly easy to jump right in!


React ChatBotify is available on npm so install it with the following command within your project folder:

npm install react-chatbotify --save


Import the ChatBot within your component of interest (e.g. MyComponent.js).

import ChatBot from "react-chatbotify";


Initialize the ChatBot and you will be greeted with a default welcome/help message when you run your app.

import ChatBot from "react-chatbotify";

const MyComponent = () => {
return (

If you are using NextJS and running into errors, look here!

Theming (Optional)

If you are looking to adapt the chatbot to the color scheme on your website, the recommended fastest and easiest way is via the primaryColor and secondaryColor properties in the theme section. You may refer to the Theming Example for more details.


In the next few sections, we will go through a brief overview on React ChatBotify, cover important properties as well as explore conversations/configurations. It is recommended to sit through these sections without skipping them as they will help ease your use of the library and the understanding of this documentation 😊!